Activate the power of your skin! The injectable Sculptra treatment stimulates the production of collagen that decreases over time giving the desired plumpness and increase in skin volume.

It is the ideal solution to avoid surgery, to improve the shape of the buttocks and lasts almost two years. It is painless, using local anesthesia and no recovery time is required.

Fields of application

The treatment can be completed in about an hour. Usually 2-3 sessions are needed to achieve the desired result with 4 to 6 week breaks in between. The application areas of Sculptra treatment are:

  • Erecting and improving the shape of the buttocks
  • Correction of cellulite spots
  • Reduction of wrinkles on knees and thighs

Benefits of Sculptra

  • Beautiful, highly natural result
  • Strengthening of natural collagen production
  • Minimally invasive method
  • Instant return to your daily routine
  • No risk, unlike surgery