PRX-T33 Biorejuvenation without needles

The PRX-T33 treatment stimulates skin regeneration and offers stimulation, nutrition and protection, with immediate results from the very first application! It is suitable for all skin types and offers glow in just 15 minutes, without needles or machines.

In our clinic you will find the PRX T33 treatment for all of you who have misgivings about needles and want a painless, quick and effective improvement in your skin.

PRX T33 is an approved medicinal product with a patented formula and CE certification. It was created after long-term research and promotes skin biostimulation, without negative effects on the skin.

How does the PRX-T33 work?

Skin bioregeneration with the application of PRX T33, is an innovative solution that enables us to produce collagen and elastin, as well as activate our body’s stem cells. It penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and provides firming and radiance to the skin without causing peeling, leaving the surface of the skin intact.

Thus, we have in our hands a powerful, non-injectable collagen booster, ideal for all of you who for personal or medical reasons do not want invasive and injectable medical techniques. The application of PRX-T33 is done by specialized personnel and a special technique lasting about fifteen minutes for the face and then we apply the special moisturizing cream.

Because it is a non-injectable treatment, there is no risk of swelling or bruising. So, no recovery time is needed and you can immediately return to your activities.

Results of PRX-T33

PRX-T33 brings out the natural glow of the face and gives us immediate and visible smoothing of wrinkles and firmness. It has amazing anti-aging properties and is ideal for reducing scars and stretch marks. It is suitable for all ages and all seasons.