Otoplasty is the definitive solution to the problem of big ears and other ear malformations. With this invasive method, we achieve symmetry in the shape and size of the ears. It is a plastic surgical procedure which gives the ear takes its normal form and position forever.

Flappy ears is a congenital malformation of the cartilage of the ears, resulting in the flaps being large in size or abstracted from the head. This procedure requires the complete development of the ovarian cartilage and must be done after 10 years of age. It is painless and in many cases is done with local anesthesia. The incisions are about 3-4 cm and not visible as it is behind the ear. The results are impressive and immediate. For any questions about your case, plastic surgeon Georgios Tsakonis is at your disposal.

Πρόσωπο γυναίκας με ωτοπλαστική