Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation is the ideal solution to get the fleshy lips you always wanted. It is a modern technique by which we can increase the volume, or correct the shape of the lips. Surely the size and shape of the lips determines a person’s aesthetics to an enormous extent. They make a significant contribution to our harmonious image and have a central role in facial balance.

Sometimes women in their attempt to bulk or change the shape of their lips use special pencil and lipstick. Of course, the result is a non-physical image, since it exceeds the natural border of the lip. Plastic surgeon George Tsakonis suggests lip augmentation with the use of injectable or autologous materials, using special inserts or surgical procedures. The choice of the technique should be based on the particular features of the person, but also on the basis of the time you want the result to last. For more information, please contact us to look at your case.

Αυξητική στα χείλια με ενέσιμα υλικά