Dermapen - Vampire Lift

Dermapen or Vampire Lift achieves skin rejuvenation through its natural stimulation and healing. Our skin has the ability to heal itself from its injuries.

The dermapen is an electronic device that looks like a pen and has needles on the end. Through those needles, the skin is pierced and causes the body to naturally heal with collagen and elastin, elements whose lack is responsible for the appearance of aging.

This treatment sequence creates rapid healing and essentially results in radiant, youthful skin with improved structure and appearance. In addition, it can be used on stretch marks and scars.

Dermapen Advantages

The Dermapen (Vampire Lift) treatment works as an immediate and simple solution to skin problems, has an immediate healing time and no side effects. This simple method of reconstruction helps to reduce skin aging and also to improve the structure of the skin by:

  • Erasing wrinkles
  • Reduction of scars
  • Reduction of pigmentation
  • Erase micro-alterations
  • Achieving radiant skin

Our specialist staff after assessment will advise you on treatment based on your own particular needs.