Buttock anorthosis

Deformation of the knees, legs and thighs due to unnecessary fat is a frequent phenomenon. Insufficient physical exercise, excessive diets, as well as different hormonal disorders, contribute to this distortion. Another serious problem in the areas mentioned above is the excessive relaxation due mainly to sudden and heavy weight loss. To achieve the recovery of the thighs and buttocks we can use various techniques. It can be done with:

  • The addition of special silicone inserts
  • Injection of hyaluronate with the MACROLANE method that gives us absolutely natural results in the problematic area
  • Lipotransfer  from other areas of our body

All the techniques mentioned above have their pros and cons. To achieve the ideal result, you should discuss with your plastic surgeon to make the right choice for your case.

Ανόρθωση μηρών και γλουτών