Aqualyx lipodilution  is a type of injectable treatment used in local fat dissolution. It belongs to procedures that do not require surgery, is suitable for women and men and can be used in all areas that accumulate excess fat. During the procedure, the artificial form of an acid produced by our own body is used to burn the local fat. The material is injected into the adipose tissue subcutaneously, using flexible and fine needles.

The procedure is not painful, while we can reduce the discomfort by using a cream for local anesthesia. Many people mistakenly believe that Aqualyx lipodilution is a type of mesotherapy. In fact, lipodilution penetrates into much deeper layers and targets straight to the adipose tissue. In addition, the formulation is introduced in much lesser points than in the mesotherapy procedure. Plastic surgeon Georgios Tsakonis is at your disposal for questions about the Aqualyx method.

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