Acne & scar treatment

Acne treatment and acne scar Acne treatment by Plastic Surgeon George Tsakonis. Acne is a skin condition, the cause of which is not clear and influenced by many factors. Some of them are stress, accumulation of dead cells, hormonal disorders, heredity, bacteria in pores, etc. It usually occurs in teens, but some forms of acne are also found in adults. The most common types of acne are: common acne, edema acne, summer acne, tropical, post-advena, glaucous, fulminant, etc. The signs that appear are mainly the face, chest and back where we encounter a larger number of sebaceous glands.

For acne treatment, we apply the PDT (Photodynamic Therapy) method with deep facial cleansing and vitamin intake. While scar treatment is achieved with the special hyperplastic laser CO₂. This special type of laser is effective and acts on deeper skin structures. The use of laser CO₂, by emitting high energy light beams, activates the production of elastin and collagen to restore the smooth appearance of the skin. The result is amazing and immediate, with only a few sessions.

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